Derecho del entretenimiento - Uhthoff

Entertainment law

Our practice encompasses all legal issues related to film, television, music, internet, print media, video games and radio companies in many legal practice areas, such as intellectual property, sweepstakes and contests, regulatory, copyright, personal data protection, contracts and negotiations, to achieve a single comprehensive approach prepared to face the increasingly complex Mexican regulatory framework governing the entertainment and telecommunications industry.

Our services:

  • We advise our clients in the drafting and review of contracts in connection with the acquisition of literary works and film scripts, as well as solutions to define the copyright chain of title for the making of films and television series. We also offer advice in the drafting of work-for-hire contracts for the music to be included in the film or television series, and review of the synchronization licenses required for the use of third party music.


  • Advice on the preparation of contracts for all individuals and entities providing services for the production of the film or television series, observing the guidelines set by the studio or television company in question (if applicable), including, but not limited to: production, talent, direction, photography, art, audio design, music supervision, editing, post-production, general crew, locations, catering, lodging, leases, release of liability, use of image of extras, etc.


  • We offer clearance services in relation to the scripts of the audiovisual project to determine possible red flags or the need to obtain authorizations from third parties to use intellectual property elements in the film or television series.


  • Advice on corporate structures for local or foreign co-productions, as well as the drafting of co-production, investment and/or financing contracts for audiovisual projects, including production services contracts with foreign or local studios (Televisa, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, etc.).


  • We advise our clients in the negotiation of bankability of co-production contracts, content licensing and/or distribution with local or foreign financial entities so that the Client can have a greater flow for a specific production.