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Distinctive signs (trademarks, denominations of origin, trade names and commercial slogans). This area has lawyers specialized in providing our clients with constant legal advice. They handle all services related to the incorporation and maintenance of intellectual property rights in accordance with Mexican and international policy and laws. Some of the main services provided in this practice are the conduction of availability searches, prosecution, registration and maintenance of distinctive signs in Mexico. Due to the wide network of associates that the firm has, our experts asses clients to secure protection their intellectual property rights in different jurisdictions around the world.

We provide expert advice on: negotiation, design, elaboration, administration and analysis of licensing contracts, franchises and transfer of technology, all these related to intellectual property rights. We oversee, in general, mercantile contracts of diverse nature such as distribution, representation, mercantile intermediation, collaboration, cessation of intellectual property rights, confidentiality or secrecy, joint ventures, artists and athletes support and all related with the sale of products and images.

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Our practice in Franchises combines knowledge and experience of our different areas including trademarks, litigation and corporate law. With this synergy, we provide our clients with integral franchising services, both for the franchise and franchisor.