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Our firm specializes in exerting the different mechanisms provided by law to vigorously and effectively enforce the intellectual property rights of our clients, which involves the planning and implementation of actions or defenses in administrative, civil and commercial**, regulatory and even criminal** litigation proceedings related to intellectual property. We also have extensive experience in handling arbitration proceedings in the field, such as dispute resolution mechanisms for domain name disputes. (** Some of the services in civil, commercial and criminal matters are provided by associated firms)

We are one of the most recognized firms in Mexico in the defense of intellectual property rights (IPR) of our clients, specifically through administrative and criminal actions against counterfeiting and piracy, where we have obtained very significant results in these issues by closely and constantly collaborating with various Mexican authorities in order to tackle these illegal phenomena.

We have extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of comprehensive IPR defense programs which are based on the different mechanisms available in our legislation to protect IPR's, among which are the execution of raids and seizures of goods, obtaining warrants to suspend the free circulation of goods and/or the cessation of the infringing conducts, closure of establishments, request for searches, Etc. It is also important to highlight that we specialize in implementing these legal mechanisms in the different points of entry of goods (customs) to our country, which is reinforced thanks to the collaboration and closeness with the competent authorities.   

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We are experts who proactively represent our clients concerning Domain Name Disputes according to WIPO policies and rules, particularly on behalf of companies who are seeking to enforce its IP rights against illegal conducts in the digital world. Our expertise comes from handling a long list of matters in which we were required to cancel and/or assign domain names, thus we have developed several effective strategies in these matters which allows to undertake swift action at reduced costs to better accommodate the needs of our clients. In addition to handling domain name dispute procedures, we have developed management solutions for the domain names of our clients, which include domain name registrations and renewals, plus several options to acquire domain names without having to exert a formal legal action or engaging in a dispute procedure.

We advise companies and individuals in proceedings before the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Procuraduria Federal del Consumidor). Likewise, we provide consulting services related to compliance with Mexican official standards, promotional activities (including the development of sweepstakes, contests and collectibles), advertising and adhesion contracts. In conjunction with our litigation department, we assist in the initiation and/or defense of proceedings foreseen in the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

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