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Artificial Intelligence focused on Legal Digital Marketing

Nowadays it is not a secret that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being accepted into the legal world as new technology solutions applied among others, in document and information management, legal research generating an enormous impact on a variety of practice areas and disciplines.

During the last few years, people involved in technology marketing strategy and social communications are trying to be immersed into the AI environment to understand the true impact of such technology on our respective companies and on the technology-based services we usually provide. Recently AI applications in legal research may fundamentally change the value proposition because 45% of the projected economic earnings for 2030 will come from the commercial application of AI solutions, through improvements and greater variety in products, marketing strategies and more personalized and effective than the current ones. Globally, 72% of managers believe that AI will be the competitive advantage of the future and more than 60% anticipate that the applicability of these technologies over the customer experience is greater than the rest of initiatives in their organization.

The current possibilities of AI include capabilities such as the creation of simulation models or propensity to purchase, personalization of the purchase process through recommendation systems based on machine learning technologies, and also the interaction with virtual assistants to help purchase. All of them provide an excellent opportunity to, on the one hand, improve the customer experience with brands and, on the other hand, monetize this experience.

In addition, now we have the so-called marketing automation, classified by type of functionality i.e. web improvement, internal and external communication, social network management, teamwork, project management, content management, presentations, videos and images, among other complex tools.

For most common situations, marketing professional services and technology rest on sharing high-quality and attractive content with potential clients. In this sense, AI helps content recommendation engines for personalizing many kinds of search processes, resulting in a natural progression of the user’s experience and offering increasingly useful content based on their browsing and downloading history.

Today, we can have access to marketing automation platforms, for example, HubSpot and Marketo, which can perform recommendation processes within a site. These specific tools particularly, use machine learning and predictive analytics for identifying and tagging available content from different websites in order to feed recommendations.

HubSpot offers social media marketing, content management, web analytics, landing pages and search engine optimization tools. HubSpot has integrations with tools such as, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and others. There are also third-party services, such as templates and extensions. In addition, HubSpot offers consulting services and an online resource academy to learn marketing and sales tactics. It also offers user group conferences and user programs. inbound marketing and certification. HubSpot promote the concept of inbound marketing through its own marketing strategy, and has been called “a prolific content creator,” such as blogs, social networks, seminars and reports.

Marketo Inc. is an American software company that provides Marketing Automation software focused on account-based marketing, including email, mobile, social, digital ads, web management, and analytics. It sells products for industries including healthcare, technology, financial services, manufacturing, media, and higher education.

Another good example is LinkedIn. This business and employment-oriented service in general has done an excellent job by simplifying social media advertising while retaining strengths in targeting by each specific industry, title, geography, economical features and other attributes.

The effective management of social networks helps to improve the presence of the brand and increase conversations about it on social networks. It is an effective way to attract millions of users. AI helps analyze large volumes of data to identify trending topics, hashtags and patterns that help to understand user behavior. AI algorithms can monitor millions of comments from unstructured users to identify critical situations or trends to provide a personalized experience. With effective segmentation, AI can help show content based on online activity and demography objectives. These artificial intelligence tools are based on predictive analysis algorithms, which can extrapolate information about all known users in a given social network. Many social networking sites have acquired artificial intelligence businesses to move to the next level.

In light of the above, we must be sure about artificial intelligence. Since, you probably have already experienced it on some level, and as with most new and shocking technologies, there will be time for us as preferred audience to adapt. At the end, for marketers in the legal industry, swimming on top of this wave in this amazing technology and selecting the convenient tools for supporting our marketing strategies will be the keys to maintain a strong presence in our operation.

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